Monday, April 15, 2013


Illustration Friday has come out with the world Storm!
First thought was the typical storm with lightning bolts and dark skies that have dense heavy clouds. I do love those storms. There's nothing more magical then natures own fireworks and the scary sound of thunder beckoning you to look. I remember always watching these storms with my childhood best friend Jessica, while we would sit and watch in awe as the show started. It was always so much fun and would give us goosebumps with every lightning bolt and rumbling thunder.


Even though the storm was so great our favorite part was still after all of it. When the rain would gently fall into the puddles making almost a musical sound. It was almost hypnotic watching the rain drops fall into the puddles and make little rings or plops of water spray.


When the rain would finally clear up we would run into the puddles with our rain boots and make a huge splash. Covered in water near the end of it, we would be laughing so hard as we jumped from one puddle to another. One of my favorite memories with Jessica was doing this. To this day I still jump in a puddle when the urge comes over me.



So for my Illustration I decided to make a gouache painting.
Here is the steps I took into the painting. First starting with the rain boots, adding shadows and highlights for depth.
Next The jeans. I wanted them to show the wrinkles in the jeans where the knee bends and give it a more realistic feel with movement.
Finally adding the background and puddle. I wanted the puddle to be full of colours. Not just a plain clear water splash. I thought it would be appropriate and make it more lively. I also wanted the background to just be black so it wouldn't take away from the main focus of the puddle splashes and colours.

steps storm

Which lead to the final product. I've never used gouache before and have come to the conclusion that it is my least favorite. I rather use watercolours but it was nice to try something new. Maybe if I keep practicing it would be as disliked as it is now. Hope you enjoy the final piece.


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