Sunday, January 20, 2013


I'm working on a new project inspired by the word "Ocean". When I started to think about what the word Ocean means to me, the typical imagery of white sand and teal blue waters came to mind.

sunset ocean

I thought to myself that's been done.

rough ocean

So I started to brainstorm more ideas. Sunken treasures at the bottom of the Ocean and living creatures in the deep. Then a picture of an old man came to mind.

ocean painting

The idea became very appealing to me. So I drew a few rough thumbnails to explore it further.


Here is the progress of my Illustration so far. I'm starting with the old mans face. I started off with a beige wash and then added the highlights. Next I started to define the wrinkles of his face. Then lastly the shadows to create more depth. I choose to keep everything in black and white except for his one eye. To reflect the ocean and create a visual point of interest.

Painting Progress

Acrylic on Illustration board.

The rest of the progress will posted when done.

Continuing on with Photoshop, I find a picture with a setting I want to use as my backdrop. After applying a few filters and techniques. I create a greater scene by adding a body for the character, the old mans face to my picture and then a hat. In the background I add on the cliff a lighthouse with a slight glow where the light is and then a sinking ship in the water. Darken the water near the ship sinking and some saturation in a few areas to create a finish.

Step 5


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