Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eye Glasses

When I saw the word Eye Glasses appear as the topic of the week. I was so excited. I just love eye glasses. In fact I own about 6 pairs. Not only are they fashionable but they can change your look in just one change. Kind of like Clark Kent when he turns into Superman. One minute he has his frames on and he's just normal human Clark and then he takes them off and he's Superman!

clark kent Superman

I started to brainstorm some ideas as to how I could make the topic eye glasses represent me. Since I usually wear these black thick framed glasses, I choose to make them my starting point. They are one of my favorite pairs after all.


To make the art more catered towards who I am I thought how can it reflect myself. So I started thinking more about reflections.

specs reflection

I choose to pick a favorite memory where I had stared off into the distance for a long time. That memory was the sunset in Saint Maarten. While I was lying on the white sand I always thought about how perfect it is. So very relaxing to watch the sun go down and watch the pretty colours change.



Below are the steps I've taken to create my final image. First with the background. Followed by the frames themselves and next some highlights to add some dimension. Then I added the reflection of the view I would have been gazing upon. Makes me miss Saint Maarten.

Step 4-6

Step 4-6

Finished Digital Illustration! I'm beginning to love having a tablet.

Eye Glasses

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